If you have something you'd like to write up about us or a job we may have done for you, please use our contact page and specify "Testimonial" in your message. In the meantime, this is what just a few of our satisfied customers have to say -- and yes, these are real.  🙂  Thanks.

We had a custom entertainment center built and needed someone to install all entertainment components.  We were referred to Homesurround and from the initial meeting, we were impressed with the knowledge and types of recommendations offered.  Pleasant, professional and very reasonable. We will use their services in the future and would recommend Homesurround highly.
Hartland, WI

We had used a prominent AV company for years, however they were not as knowledgeable about computers and networking and were difficult to schedule. When we wanted to meld the computer systems with the AV system that ran through the whole house, Homesurround was able to handle the whole project in a very timely and neat manner, even suggesting ways to make the actual hardwiring (from the previous company) more organized and accessible. Very satisfied. Kind of wish they did the initial installation.

Gregg & Tami
Sussex, WI
Arrived right on time for a very complex cable snaking operation in a home which was certainly not amenable to this. They quickly and professionally routed the coaxial cable to the second floor office through many bends and crannies. Pleasant, professional and very reasonable. I will use their services in the future and would recommend Homesurround highly.
Dr. Sherman
Mequon, WI
We just wanted to thank you for the superb job you and your professional team did. We really liked your thorough approach to the project plan, your attention to detail, and the ideas you brought up during our initial planning discussions. We are extremely pleased with the results!!!! We would highly recommend your company to others.
Mark & Dianne
Oconomowoc, WI
When we first contacted Homesurround, we were interested in a whole house audio system estimate. It didn’t take long before we realized the price and service level we were getting from Homesurround was better than any other company we were working with. The emphasis they put on service is incredible. It was for that reason we ordered our audio/video systems, flooring, kitchen counter/sink, laundry room counter/sink, bathroom sinks and rec-room bar from them. After the installation of our audio/video system, Paul made sure we were 100% comfortable with using the technology. He continues to follow-up with us to make sure that our '100% satisfaction' never changes. Tell me where else you can get that type of service? Thank you Homesurround!
Kim & Joe
Milwaukee, WI
Our experience with Homesurround Services was great. They were extremely professional and knowledgeable. We felt very confident with their recommendations. Their service and follow-up was the best we’ve ever experienced and we are thrilled with our purchases. We have recommended them to our friends and family with confidence.
Tim & Marie
Germantown, WI
They did an awesome job of understanding our needs and providing a super solution. Additionally, the install process was professional, clean and fast ... nothing but the best. I would recommend Homesurround to all of my friends.
Waukesha, WI
Very professional to deal with, and the work was performed on time. They wouldn't start the installation without insuring proper setup from other sub-contractors, in order to guarantee the work was completed correctly. Our customer is very happy with your company and the job you did, which in turn made them happy with our performance as well.
Steve at A&S Plumbing
Watertown, WI
In preparing for the building of our new home we visited a home builders show and realized that today's home audio and video solutions tend to be tied very tightly into the home computers and networks. This left us bouncing around looking for home audio and video companies that had this up-to-date knowledge. Homesurround was able to sit down with us and discuss many of these options allowing us to save time and money putting in state-of-art home audio solutions that won't be outdated next year. Once we decided on the solution, their team worked with us through the installation and programming of all components in a very professional manner that was delivered on time and budget.
Menomonee Falls, WI

And more to come…