“I also really underestimated the complexity of wiring the house and constructing the home networks. Without help from Hudson Valley Home Media [or Homesurround in southeastern Wisconsin], I might still be ripping up drywall to rid my TV of 60-cycle hum bars or be up to my ears in Cat-5e cables trying to get the network to work. Installation specialist Paul Delgado and his crew really knew what they were doing. While they put in a solid 5 days to help get my systems up and running (at an average price of $100 per hour; you can do the math), they ultimately saved me a lot of money by helping me avoid costly pitfalls while there was still time to fix them without major reconstruction. And they created a centralized demarcation area way more professional and comprehensive than anything I could have envisioned, let alone installed. While my ego took a bit of a hit when my lack of knowledge about parts of the project was exposed, better my ego than my wallet — especially with a still-unfunded home theater project looming on the horizon.”

– James K. Willcox of Sound and Vision magazine, on the benefits of hiring a custom Audio/Video installation company.